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Grey Linen Heavy Gauge Electric Cable 15/3

Nothing creates that vintage look like our Grey Linen Heavy Gauge cloth covered cable.  Now you can enjoy the same style as our lamp wire in a 15 gauge / 3-conductor cable, perfect for making extension cords or adding some style to your tool or appliance restoration.Our linens evoke that vintage feel of the 40's and 50's with a retro style that is classic and unpretentious.  This wire is from our Designer Collection, featuring increased flexibility which is ideal for wrapping and bending, making it the perfect choice for pendants, lamps, and fans.

Our wire is priced "By the Foot".  Enter the length (feet) you require in the quantity box.  If your project requires 10ft, enter quantity 10.


  • 300V
  • 105° C
  • CE Listed
  • 3 Conductors / 15 Gauge
  • 9.2mm Diameter
  • Indoor Use Only

Our wires come ready to use. Just cut to size, strip, and connect to your light or appliance.  We are not able to recommend wire gauge and suggest you consult a qualified electrician to ensure that the gauge of the wire you select can safely support the electrical load of your lamp or small appliance over the length of wire you are using.

What's the difference between Cotton, Rayon, Raw Yarn and Linen?

It really comes down to the look you are trying to achieve.

  • Cotton, Linen & Raw Yarn:  Matte Finish
  • Rayon: Silky Sheen Finish

Aesthetically, cotton, linen, and raw yarn's matte covering is more appropriate on appliances and utilitarian lighting. Rayon, with its silk-like shine, is ideal for more elegant lamps, radios, phonographs, etc.  With regard to durability, all of our coverings wear very well over time.

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