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Special Orders

If you don't see what you are looking for, or are in search of that hard to find or describe item, please contact us.  Just because you do not see a specific product does not mean we don't have it.  We are first and foremost a custom lighting design and fabrication shop and have many items that we use in our day to day production that we do not list on our website (yet).  Additionally, we are also able to manufacture or source any item you require for your project so please contact us for more information and assistance.

As we manufacture all our own wires, canopies and sockets, we can work with you to create any custom product you need for your project.

  • Wire: We can manufacture any color or combination/pattern of colors you like.  Depending on the color or style of wire you would like, there will be a minimum required for your custom order.  Most custom colors/patterns can be manufactured in as little as 3-4 weeks.  There is no additional charge for custom colors and pricing will be in line with our other similar wires.
  • Canopies & Socket Covers: We can manufacture canopies in any diameter from 5" to 24" with any number of holes or pattern of holes you require.  Additionally, we can custom paint or plate your canopies / socket covers to any finish you require.  There are certain minimums required depending the product requested.
  • Sockets: We can manufacture sockets in your choice of material and finish.  For our Phenolic Sockets, we can mold or paint in a variety of colors.  For our Metal and Cast Brass Sockets, we can plate in any finish you require for your project.  There are certain minimums required depending the product requested.
  • Specialty Cables:  We can also manufacture Fabric Covered Coaxial Cable, Fabric Covered Telephone Cable, and Fabric Covered Ethernet Cable in any of our current colors/patterns as well as any custom color/pattern of you like.  Please contact us for additional information.

Please feel free to call us at: (561) 352-4869

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