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20 Light Industrial Steel Chandelier - 48" x 48"

Our large 20-light Industrial Steel Chandelier (48" x 48") is constructed from black steel pipe, cast iron fittings, cloth-covered twisted lamp cord, and black nickel plated lamp sockets (see color chart for other socket colors), giving it that industrial turn of the century look.  Additionally, each socket has its own rotary switch so you can control each light from the socket if you wish. This design adds a warmth and charm to any room and most certainly will be a focal point of conversation.

As every room and application is different, this design can be customized to your specifications including number of pendants, width, height, socket color, or any other modification you can dream up. We welcome your ideas and look forward to collaborating with you on custom designs.

**  $129 Shipping Surcharge

20 light design :
Length 48"
Width 48"
Overall Height 36 - 96" (Height can be adjusted to meet your requirements)

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